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Family Values

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In the wake of the SCOTUS’s landmark ruling on gay marriage, I’m sharing an old piece. It’s funny because despite my protestations here, I actually DID get married in January, but I think the rest of it is a reminder that there are many ways to make a family.

Someday, when I write a memoir, it

Mom Life VS. The Show Must Go On

Yesterday, I started rehearsals for The Real Life Adventures of Jimmy de las Rosas, written by my friend and longtime collaborator Ricardo Gamboa. This is the mutant chihuahua play I’ve been wanting to direct/produce for years – and always had the project kicked back or totally ignored. Maybe it is the telekinetic fight scenes. Maybe it is the radical, pro-community pro-youth politic. Maybe it is the challenge of a bilingual script. WHO KNOWS!?! It doesn’t matter – being an Artistic Director is a lot of thankless work sometimes, but the advantage is that I can be an agent for producing the work I believe in. But that’s not what I want to write about.

I want to write about the impossible quandary that is parenting, economics, and the arts.



The Young Fugitives.

Amores y Amigos, Cupcakes and Chulins, I have been so swamped I don’t even have time to tell people what I’m up to except sometimes I remember to post it on Facebook. Like, why even have a personal website if I’m not going to use it to do things like, I don’t know, TALK ABOUT MYSELF!!!!!!!!!

A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

In honor of New Year’s Day, I’m posting the text of the New Year’s resolutions piece I performed for Paper Machete last January…

Becoming a vegan was not actually my idea. It was my friend Daniella


Recently, I had the great honour of being featured as part of the Chicago Artists’ Resource SinglePage series. I talk about how hard it was to return to poetry after my daughter was born. An excerpt:


When my daughter was born, I remembered words I had forgotten:

What Theater Can Do

A few months ago, the Freedom Dreams conference invited me to be a speaker on a plenary panel called The Power of Art, which asked artist/activists to speak about the role of art in social justice organizing.

A few nights ago, Free Street presented TRACK 13,